If you’re a budding guitarist, you’re living in a golden age of learning how to play guitar. Each day, you can watch countless videos uploaded YouTube offering up free instruction. You can even find great tools online to help you along.

Easily, you can find thousands of web sites giving you free lessons while guys try to sell books and DVDs. Books?! DVDs?! You can’t play books!

Worse, the guys trying to sell books hit you with terminology overload spewed by so many lame teachers. It’s no wonder why too many struggle with stuff that should come easy and give up.

I want you to get out there and start a rocking and a rolling fast. That’s why I am not charging you for this. All the content here is free. All I ask is for you to give a few dollars if you can. I promise you I will put those dollars to good use.

With my Riptide Guitar™ method, I teach you by leveraging the guitar itself. You learn in small chunks as you play along. Why not learn the guitar that way? 

Music comes from related sounds played thorough time. That relation is known as intervals. To get music, truly, you must learn intervals! Knowing intervals unlocks the secrets. 

Here is what you need to know from music theory: tones, intervals, scales, keys, chords.
If you are looking for an easier way to learn how to rock out on the guitar, Riptide Guitar™ is the one for you.