Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Span the Fretboard to Find Tones Easily

You can find the same tones all over the fretboard with ease. From Intervals, the Fretboard and the Strings, you should know that going down one string and left three frets produces a M2. In Riptide Guitar, I call that finger stretch the pinky-to-pointer-down span

By intervals, you should know that a M2 is two frets (a whole step) above the P1. So if you go two frets left, you end up on the same tone from where you started on the string above!

Here is what it looks like for B. B is a P5 from E. Using the pinky-to-pointer-down span minus 2 frets gets you to the next B.

Now that you can find B on A, finding B on the D is easy using intervals. A P5 is seven frets away. So, add two and seven to get nine. Thus, you find B on D on the 9th fret. 

Alternatively, the interval between every third P5 string is a m7. A m7 is two frets below a P8. So to get to that P8, you can use the index-to-ring-down-twice span.

And from the 9th fret, you can find B on G easily.